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Daycare Insurance in Massachusetts

What is daycare insurance?

Accepting responsibility for children comes with substantial risk, as a child care center would likely be sued for liability if something ever happened to one of the kids while attending. Of course, this risk is in addition to the standard perils that most businesses are exposed to. To help protect themselves from a range of risks, child care centers in Massachusetts can get daycare insurance. 

Daycare insurance is a form of commercial insurance tailored for child care centers. Policies normally protect against many liability and property risks.

Daycare insurance massachusetts
Daycare Insurance Massachusetts

Which daycare centers in Massachusetts need to carry child care insurance?

Almost all child care programs in Massachusetts need child care insurance. Not carrying coverage could leave businesses exposed to major risks, and would sometimes be considered irresponsible. 

This general recommendation extends to both child care businesses and not-for-profit childcare programs. For instance, these policies are commonly purchased by:

  • Child care centers and daycares
  • Home-based daycares
  • Extracurricular after-school child care programs
  • Nursery schools at religious centers
  • Child care offered for employees or customers

What liability coverages are included in child care insurance policies?

Child care insurance policies often include several liability protections, which mostly protect against situations where a business or nonprofit could be hed financially liable for harm. These coverages might apply if a child becomes injured, or in other situations. Some examples of liability protections include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Typically covers common “slip and fall” accidents on the daycare’s premises, often extending to non-employees including children, parents and outsourced cleaning staff.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage: Typically covers unforeseeable and accidental injuries to children, such as those occurring during field trips or on playgrounds.
  • Accident Medical Expense Coverage: Typically provides additional coverage for medical expenses arising from a child’s injury.
  • Abuse & Molestation Coverage: Typically covers alleged inappropriate conduct by employees.
  • Directors & Officers Coverage: Typically covers directors or other leaders against complaints that their decisions or actions harmed the nonprofit. Most often needed for nonprofits, but might also be used by for-profit child care businesses.

The exact coverages that are included in a particular policy depend on that policy. An insurance agent specializing in child care coverages can help businesses and nonprofits find the protections they need.

What property coverages are included in child care insurance policies?

Property coverages mainly protect what a daycare owns, usually insuring against damage and loss. Depending on a daycare’s situation, it may need a few property coverages:

  • Commercial Building Coverage: May cover a building that’s owned by a daycare program.
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage: May cover improvements that a daycare makes to a leased facility.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: May cover the many different items a daycare has at its facility (e.g. furniture, toys, computers, etc.).

Can waivers be used instead of child care liability coverage?

While waivers might provide some level of defense in a liability lawsuit, they generally aren’t adequate substitutes for liability insurance coverage. The types of protection that waivers and that insurance offer are different.

Daycare Insurance Massachusetts

How should daycares determine their liability limits?

Daycares often get liability limits that are quite high, and many add on commercial umbrella coverage for even more protection. A lawsuit could quickly become expensive if multiple kids are severely injured.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help daycares determine exactly how high their liability limits should be.

How much does insuring a child care center cost?

The cost of insuring a child care center varies substantially. It’d likely cost much less to insure a small home-based daycare, than it would a child care center with 100 kids. A program’s size, facility, staff training, claims history and many other details can all impact cost.

To find out how much coverage would cost in a particular situation, child care centers can compare multiple insurance companies’ policies with the aid of an independent agent. 

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Where can Massachusetts child care centers find daycare insurance?

For help insuring a child care program that’s in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Platinum Insurance. One of our agents will help you find daycare insurance that provides the protections your program requires.