Liquor Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

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Liquor Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

What is liquor liability insurance?

Engaging in the sale of alcohol carries inherent risks, as businesses may find themselves accountable for incidents involving their inebriated patrons. One way for businesses in Massachusetts to better safeguard themselves against such risks is to purchase liquor liability insurance.

Liquor liability insurance is tailored to meet specific needs that alcohol-selling businesses have. Policies may cover damages and injuries incurred during incidents with inebriated customers.

Liquor Liability Insurance Massachusetts
Liquor Liability Insurance Massachusetts

Which businesses in Massachusetts require liquor liability coverage?

Businesses in Massachusetts generally need liquor liability coverage before they can obtain a liquor license from the state. Most businesses involved in the sale of alcohol therefore need coverage. Restaurants, bars and retailers might all get a policy.

Beyond being a requirement for a liquor license, the coverage is also crucial for legal protection. For instance, a brawl between two intoxicated patrons could lead to multiple people filing lawsuits against a business:

  • Either patron involved in the fight could sue, alleging that the business overserved the other participant in the fight.
  • A bystander could sue if they fall and get injured while trying to avoid the altercation.
  • Another bystander could sue if they experience psychological distress during the altercation.

Even if these lawsuits are eventually dismissed, the mere cost of defending against one could financially devastate a business if no liquor liability coverage is in place.

What types of incidents are covered by liquor liability policies?

Liquor liability policies can cover a range of incidents. Depending on the specific term of a policy, it might cover lawsuits related to:

  • Typical “slip and fall” accident involving an intoxicated customer.
  • Sexual assault committed by an intoxicated customer.
  • Other assault by an intoxicated customer.
  • Public brawl involving multiple intoxicated customers.
  • DUI auto accidents caused by intoxicated customers as they drive home.
  • Alcohol poisoning cases that send an intoxicated customer to the ER.

A knowledgeable insurance agent specializing in liquor liability policies can assist businesses in reviewing exactly what a policy covers.

Do general liability policies cover incidents involving intoxicated customers?

General liability insurance isn’t a replacement for liquor liability. While general liability typically includes coverage for standard “slip and fall” accidents, it often frequently even these accidents when the injured party is inebriated. It almost certainly doesn’t cover assaults, brawls, DUIs or alcohol poisoning. 

When both general liability and liquor liability coverages are needed, they can usually be acquired together through a commercial package policy. Commercial package policies bundle multiple insurance coverages for convenience and potential savings. The two coverages are distinct from each other, though.

Liquor Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What are the premiums for liquor liability policies?

Liquor liability premiums depend on various factors, and therefore differ from one policy to another. Some of the details impacting rates include a business’s annual sales, the types of alcohol served, and whether any insurance claims have been filed recently.

For an accurate estimate of the cost of liquor liability coverage, businesses should consult with an independent insurance agent. As independent agents aren’t tied to any one insurance company, they can impartially compare the coverages and costs of custom policy quotes from different insurance companies. 

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How can businesses in Massachusetts secure liquor liability insurance?

If you need help finding liquor liability insurance, reach out to the independent insurance agents at Platinum Insurance. Our Massachusetts agents have worked with stores, restaurants, bars and other businesses, and we can assist you. We’ll help you identify coverage needs that meet both the state’s requirements and your business’s needs, and then find a liquor liability policy that’ll protect your business well.